JUST Advisors' privacy policy regarding personal data of Users of justadvisors.ge and justlaw.ge

General provisions
1.1 This Privacy Policy (hereinafter "Privacy Policy") describes the way JUST Advisors JSC (IR 445667680) (hereinafter "JUST Advisors" JSC) processes and protects the personal data of Users/Customers that JUST Advisors JSC receives and intends to receive in the future from its Users/Customers when they use the justadvisors.ge and justlaw.ge domain names websites.
1.2 JUST Advisors JSC is obliged to ensure protection of confidentiality of personal data of clients according to the requirements of the current legislation of Georgia.

1.3 This Privacy Policy is binding on all employees and employees of JUST Advisors JSC who have access to personal data of Users/Customers.
Terms and Definitions:
2.1 The following terms are used in this Privacy Policy:
2.1.1 "JUST Advisors" JSC - the administration authorized to manage the website justadvisors.ge, acting on behalf of the Company "JUST Advisors" JSC (IR 400237962), which organizes and/or carries out the processing of personal data, as well as determines the purposes of personal data processing, composition of personal data to be processed, and actions (operations) performed with personal data.
2.1.2. justadvisors.ge/justlaw.ge User/Customer - any person who visits justadvisors.ge and justlaw.ge websites via the Internet
2.1.3 Information/Personal Data/Personal Information means any information provided by the User/Customer and related directly or indirectly to him/her.
2.1.4 Processing of Personal Data - any action performed in relation to data using automatic, semi-automatic or non-automatic means, in particular collection, recording, copying, organization, storage, replacement, recovery, retrieval, use or disclosure for purposes of transmission, distribution of data, or otherwise providing access to it, grouping or combination, blocking, deleting or destroying data.
2.1.5 Confidentiality of personal data - the requirement for the administration of justadvisors.ge and justlaw.ge or other person who has access to personal data to prevent its dissemination without the consent of the User/Customer or availability of other legal grounds.
2.1.6 IP address - is a unique network address of a host on an IP-based computer network.
2.1.7 Cookies - is a small fragment of data sent by a web-server and stored on the User's computer, which a web-client or a web-browser sends to a web-server in HTTP-request every time it tries to open a page of the corresponding web-site.

Purpose of Processing of Personal Data of Users/Customers
3.1 JUST Advisors JSC processes the personal data of Users/Customers on the website solely for the purposes of interaction with the User/Customer as part of the accounting and legal services provided by JUST Advisors JSC.

3.2 JUST Advisors JSC does not share the personal information of Users/Customers with third parties without their consent, except as required by applicable Georgia law.

Collection and processing of Clients' personal data
4.1 JUST Advisors JSC collects and processes the following personal data of Users/Clients
e-mail address;
name, surname;
information contained in the documents submitted by the User/Client in connection with their interaction with JUST Advisors JSC;
the place of visiting the website;
the time of entry to the website;
duration of the visit;
IP address of the User.

4.2 Personal data of Users/Customers on justadvisors.ge and justlaw.ge websites are collected and processed by "JUST Advisors" JSC with consent of User/Customer based on provisions of applicable Georgian legislation, including Law of Georgia "On Personal Data Protection" dated 28/12/2011, document number 5669.
4.3 JUST Advisors JSC provides storage of personal data of Users/Customers according to the requirements of the current legislation of Georgia.
Protection of Personal Data of Users/Customers
5.1 JUST Advisors JSC provides protection of personal data of Users/Customers from unauthorized access by third parties.
5.2 JUST Advisors JSC shall take all necessary measures to protect User/Customer personal data from unauthorized access, modification, copying, disclosure or destruction, including
Development and application of appropriate technical and organizational measures to ensure security of personal data of Users/Customers;
Restricting access to Personal Data to only authorized JUST Advisors employees who need to process that data as part of their job responsibilities;
Regularly update the software and security systems of JUST Advisors' computer networks and databases.

Rights of Users/Customers to access, change, delete and restrict processing of personal data
6.1 Users/Customers have the right to access their personal data, as well as the right to request its correction, update, addition, blocking, deletion, destruction and restriction of processing in accordance with the applicable legislation of Georgia.

6.2 In case of loss or disclosure of personal data, JUST Advisors JSC shall immediately inform the User of the loss or disclosure of personal data.

6.3 To execute their rights, Users/Customers can contact JUST Advisors JSC through the contact form on the justadvisors.ge and justlaw.ge websites or at the contact information indicated on the websites.

Changes in privacy policy
7.1 JUST Advisors JSC reserves the right to change this privacy policy.
7.2 Changes to the privacy policy will become effective as soon as they are posted on JUST Advisors JSC's websites.

Final provisions
8.1 Users/Customers, by accessing the website, agree to this privacy policy.
8.2 If Users/Customers do not agree with this policy, they should not continue to use the following pages of the website.

8.3 All questions regarding the processing of personal data of clients by JUST Advisors JSC can be directed to the contact information indicated on justadvisors.ge and justlaw.ge websites

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